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Our Story


Welcome to From Bim With Love! Thanks for checking  us out! 

We, (Hainsley, Ari, Brian) are the founders of From Bim With Love! We created this community to celebrate our 'little Rock' . This is our story: 


(L-R) Hainsley, Ari, Brian at our family house.)


How it Began:

In 2005, I had an idea to start business called From Bim With Love where I would ship Bajan items all over the world to persons who were missing the island. However, at that time, I had neither the opportunity nor the logistic opportunity to make it happen. However, I decided that if I ever started the business, it would be called "From Bim With Love".


New Year's Resolution


My New Year's resolution in 2020 was to live life to the fullest. In order to live this out, I decided to resurrect a dream that was buried in the deep crevasses of my heart. I dusted off my ideas book and decided that I would find a way to start From Bim With Love.  On New Year's day in January 2020,  shortly after taking the picture below, I had a talk with my brother-in-law, Brian, and told him about my idea.

I wanted to create a way to share Bajan culture with Bajans all over the world especially those 2nd and 3rd generation Bajans who may not always get back "home". Instead, we would take "home" to them.

Picture of Brian (Creative Director), Ari (owner), Latoya at a beach out in River Bay, Saint Lucy in Barbados

(L-R Ari, Uncle Brian, Aunty Latoya) on New Year's Day 2020 at River Bay, St. Lucy)


We agreed that whenever we started,  Brian would be the Creative Director and my son (Brian's no. 1 buddy  would work along side him as the Chief Inspiration Officer)



(Long-time buddies! Uncle Brian teaching Ari to play the guitar at 1 year old)


Fast-Forward to Mid-2020

Fast forward to mid-2020, we realised how many families overseas were missing out on travelling to the island and having a real authentic Bajan experience and decided that launching a subscription box was the best way to provide an all access pass to Bajan Culture, food, drinks and snacks. 


Our Subscription Box was launched in June 2021. Many Bajans reached out to us and told us that they wanted to be able to buy specific items. As a result, we launched our Online Shop in January 2022.



We thank you for taking the time to read our story, liking our page and every purchasing from our small family-business! Remember that every share, 


From the 2 ½ of us (Hainsley, Brian and little Ari) with Love! xoxo