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The Best Corn Curls in Barbados

Corn Curls are arguably the most popular snacks loved by Bajan children and adults alike. And, after eating a lifetime of corn curls, I consider myself to be the Corn Curl connoisseur. Over the years, I have had time to develop my expertise and have found all of the main factors that select the no. 1 Corn Curl in Bim


With so many corn curls, choosing I brand is difficult. However, in order to carry out this scientific experiment, we created our own criteria for selecting the perfect curl:  Crunch, Flavour, Cheese level. Each item is given a score out of 5. Follow along and tell us if you agree.

 1. Hills Corn Curls  

Photo of Hills Corn Curls

Arguably, the best snack on the planet "Hills" as they are affectionately called are a staple Bajan Delicacy! In terms of Crunch, they are not too hard and not too soft. They are right in the middle. The best thing about Hills are that they stuff a ton of Corn Curls into one bag. You can's eat all in one sitting

We give them 5/5 for crunch, 5/5 for flavour and 5/5 for cheese (Rumor has it that the ones with the bumble bee on the back are the cheesiest)


2. Cheezees


Cheezees are the ultimate walk home snack. They come in a compact bag filled to the top with delicious snacks. Sometimes, the bag is so full that it can be difficult to open. Cheezees are definitely on of  the crunchier side and are so delicious. As a child, the best thing about Cheezees was that you could eat them all on the walk home from school without your parents knowing! 

Our rating for this snack is 5/5 Crunch, 5/5 flavour 5/5 cheese


3. Good Times Snacks Cheese Twists


Nothing compares to Cheese Twists. There is just something all so right about the cheese to crunch ratio that make them absolutely delicious. They are in the same Crunch Category as Cheezees and defintiely filled to the brim! We give this snack 5/5 Crunch, 5/5 flavour 5/5 cheese


4. Good Times Snacks Corn Curls 


Goodtimes Snacks definitely mastered the cheese to crunch ratio in their Corn Curls. You cant have all crunch and no cheese or no crunch and all cheese. This snacks achieves this delicate balance that is absolutely tasty. This snacks gets 5/5 Crunch, 5/5 flavour 5/5 cheese.


5. Cheese Balls / Cheese Curls by  Sunshine Snacks

It you want a Corn Curl that is the trifecta of crunch, flavour and Cheese couple with melt in your mouth goodness, grab a pack of Cheese Balls or Cheese Curls! 

Again, they get the top scores in each category 5/5 Crunch, 5/5 flavour 5/5 cheese.


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